For many years, families seeking to adopt an orphan with a birthmark have contacted VBF to find out if the birthmark was life threatening, would require many treatments, would cause problems for the orphan or would be easily treated. VBF would forward the inquiry and photos to one of our expert physicians. I realized one day that there was a need for an organized effort to match orphans with birthmarks with families in the United States who would be willing to adopt an orphan with a birthmark. I spoke to several of our physicians and they all agreed that this was a phenomenal program and they all committed to treat the orphans for free, if the family did not have any medical insurance or if the insurance would not cover treatment. As a result, I founded Orphans With Birthmarks – a subsidiary of VBF with Dr. Martin Mihm, Dr. Milton Waner and Dr. Roy Geronemous.

I am very excited to introduce you to our first precious angel in our “Orphans With Birthmarks” program. Her name is MacKenzi XiaFang Steczkowski and her parents, Rhonda & John Steczkowski will be working with VBF on the Orphans With Birthmarks program.

Rhonda has worked with me to compile a list of all orphanages in the world. We will be working with them to provide a link to their website to a child with a birthmark. Families interested will go directly to the organization and proceed with the organization. VBF will provide the link to the sites that have children available with a birthmark and you can then contact one of our medical team to assess the birthmark and to determine a treatment plan.

Please look for our “Orphans With Birthmarks” links. Every new link will appear at the end of this story.

VBF is continuing to “Make A Difference” in the lives of families affected by a vascular birthmark.

Linda Rozell-Shannon
President/Founder – VBF
Founder – Orphans With Birthmarks